Kicker Ball



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With KickerBall, you can swerve, curve & kick like a pro. It has special panels that channel air in particular ways, plus revolutionary aerodynamic materials that allows KickerBall to swerve, bend & curve with ease. There are 3 epic trick shots- Swerve! Kick side of the ball from the left to swerve right. Curve! – Kick the side of the ball from the right to curvel to the left. Bend It! -Strike the centre using the right kicking power to bend it. Note: The KickerBall is a toy and not FIFA certified. Results vary depending on your unique skill level.

  • Play like a Pro! .
  • Bend it, Curve it, Swerve it! .
  • Made from PVC and EVA foam.
  • Size 4 ball.
  • 32 panels.
  • For outdoor use.
  • Supplied inflated.
  • EAN: 817889011900.


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